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Extradition demand came from Bush govt

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Condoleezza Rice personally signed extradition demand

Condoleezza Rice
Condoleezza Rice - demanded Sean Garland's extradition

Discredited Bush regime was behind extradition demand
The President of the Workers’ Party has called for the release from custody of Seán Garland, former Party President, and has also called on the Irish government to support a call for a withdrawal of the warrant issued against him by the United States’ authorities.

Mr. Michael Finnegan said, “We now that the outgoing US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice personally signed the extradition request for Sean Garland in the dying days of the Bush administration.  This was clearly a vengeful act and we call on the new Obama administration to live up to its glowing promises of creating a new dawn of honesty and trust”.

“Many of us were encouraged by the words of President Obama in his inauguration speech two weeks ago in which he declared that his government would not follow the same discredited path as Bush and Cheney.   The continued pursuit of a 74 year old, suffering from diabetes and cancer, and who has spent a lifetime fighting for justice and against division and sectarianism on this island, is both vindictive and inhumane”, said Mr. Finnegan.

“The Allegations against Seán Garland are both preposterous and without foundation.  We have no doubt whatsoever that Seán Garland will be vindicated at the end of this process.  However, given Seán’s medical condition and the conditions in the prison in which he is being currently held, we believe that in the meantime his health will suffer irreparable damage. I therefore call for an end to these pointless proceedings and for Seán’s immediate release”, said the Workers’ Party President.
Issued 3rd February 2009

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