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Sean Garland's arrest raised at European Parliament

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Athanasios Pafilis MEP
Greek Communist MEP Athanasios Pafilis at last year's Workers Party Ard Fheis

The arrest on Friday, 30th January last of Sean Garland, former President of the Workers' Party of Ireland, was raised at a session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg earlier this week (March 11th).
Athanasios Pafilis MEP a member of the GUE / NGL grouping in the parliament representing the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) asked the following question:-



Question to Parliament, Subject: Arrest for the second time of the Irish activist Sean Garland

On 30 January the well-known 74-year-old Irish anti-imperialist activist, Sean Garland, member of the Central Executive Committee of the Workers' Party of Ireland and former party chairman, was once more arrested outside the Party's head office in Dublin following an application by the USA for his extradition.

He had already been arrested by the British Special Forces in 2005 while attending the annual conference of the Workers' Party in Belfast in Northern Ireland, again in response to an extradition request by the American authorities on trumped up charges of 'a Communist conspiracy to undermine the American dollar'. However, his extradition was prevented by a powerful wave of international solidarity in his favour. The facts show that the action being taken against him is blatant political persecution seeking to undermine democratic rights and the workers' movement and revealing the real objectives behind the EU-USA extradition agreement and the EU ‘anti-terrorist’ legislation.

Does the Council condemn the inadmissible arrest and political persecution of Sean Garland as an infringement of democratic rights and freedoms? Does it agree that he should be immediately released?

The President of the European Parliament said the question would be dealt with by means of a written answer very shortly.   We will update this site when this information is available.


Defend Sean Garland!