Stop the Extradition of Sean Garland
Briefing Document No.2 - 30th March 2009
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Stop the Extradition of Sean Garland

Below is an outline of the Campaign to Stop the Extradition of Sean Garland to the United States.  The campaign will be chaired by Chris Hudson, founder member of the Peace Train Organisation whose foundation was 20 years ago this year.  Chris was also a former trade union official with the Communication Workers Union in Dublin. He played a key role as an intermediary between the Irish Government and loyalist paramilitaries in Northern Ireland in the events leading to the ceasefire in 1994.  He is recognised as being a major influence in the maintenance of the loyalist ceasefires and in securing their support for the Good Friday Agreement and the establishment of agreed political institutions in Northern Ireland.  Chris is now a minister with the non- subscribing Presbyterian Church in South Belfast.


The Secretary of the campaign will be Tomás MacGiolla, former TD for Dublin West and former Lord Mayor of Dublin.  Tomás requires little introduction.  A former President of Sinn Fein in the 60s, 70s and 80s he was amongst the first to recognise the futility of violence and led the way towards a democratic and peaceful way forward for the North.  Tomás was one of the key influences in establishing the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association. Throughout his political life Tomás has always championed the cause of Civil Rights, Wolfe Tone Republicanism and the unity of Irish people.  He is widely recognised throughout Ireland as a man of the utmost integrity.


On a day-to-day basis the campaign will be staffed by people who have agreed to give  their time voluntarily to promote its aims and stop this injustice.


The campaign has contacted a wide range of people in public life with a view to extending its national campaign on behalf of Sean Garland and a list of prominent supporters is in the process of being produced.   Branches of the campaign will also be established in towns and cities throughout Ireland, North & South and internationally also. 


We wish to draw your attention to several issues of concern:-


The request for extradition was signed by Condoleezza Rice on 21st November 2008.  There is no doubt in our minds that this represents a vindictive act by the outgoing discredited Bush/Cheney administration.  At a time of much hope and optimism that the election of Barack Obama heralds a new and more open approach  to international relations and human rights standards in particular, one can only conclude that this was only one of probably many attempts by the outgoing administration to frustrate a new beginning by Obama and his team.


Sean’s medical wellbeing is a matter of grave concern to us.  In October 2005 the Belfast court, in recognition of his ill health, allowed him to return to Dublin to receive urgent medical treatment.  His situation has worsened since then.  As well as suffering from diabetes and angina, he has developed bowel and prostate cancer since 2005, for which he is receiving continuing treatment.  This continuing persecution of a 75 year-old man, in very poor health, is an affront to any sense of humanity.


On a political, humanitarian, moral, legal and human rights basis the request for Sean’s extradition is an affront to common standards of decency.  A continuation of these unjust proceedings represents a serious threat to Sean Garland’s health and wellbeing. One further point we would make concerns the very bitter and indeed vindictive manner in which the state solicitors’ office are pursuing this case. In particular we would mention their callous attitude to the question of bail. At the behest of the state solicitor and the Gardaí the judge imposed very restrictive and punitive conditions viz:


Not to commit any offence and to be of good behaviour while on bail.

(1)               That you undertake to surrender your passport to An Gardai Siochana and undertake not to apply for a new passport in any version of your name.

(2)               Deed of your house at in Co. Meath to be retained by your solicitor MacGeehin Toale.

(3)               That you reside at your home in Co. Meath and notify Gardai if any change on seven days’ notice. 

(4)               That you sign on daily at Navan Garda Station between 9am-9pm, if any change notify Gardai on 48 hours’ notice.

(5)               Mr. Garland to provide his mobile phone number to An Gardaí Siochana, to carry said mobile at all time and keep it charged.



Defend Sean Garland!