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Sean Garland Campaign Against Extradition to the United States

Rev. Chris Hudson MBE
Rev. Chris Hudson MBE

The National Launch of the Sean Garland Campaign Against Extradition to the United States takes place in Dublin on Thursday, 18th June 2009.


More than 60 prominent individuals including members of the Oireachtas (Irish Parliament), trade union movement and many ohter aspects of Irish public life have pledged their support for the campaign calling for an end to moves to extradite Sean to the United States.


The following statement has been issued by Chris Hudson MBE, Chairperson of the Sean Garland Support Committee. 


Sean is accused of being involved in distributing forged US money allegedly produced in North Korea.  The counterfeiting of another country’s currency is a causus belli, a reason to go to war.


The reason I have given my support to this campaign is quite simple and is based on my knowledge of Sean Garland’s dedicated support to peace and a better understanding amongst the people of Ireland.  In my opinion it is not necessary to hold the same political world view as another person in order to recognise them as someone of integrity.  When some people came together in 1988 to organise a response to attacks on the Dublin-Belfast railway line, they initiated a campaign to defend the railway known as the Peace Train.


Sean has been a staunch supporter of the Peace Train project since its inception in 1989 and contributed much of his time to the organisation.  He was instrumental along with other in helping to bring about the Official IRA ceasefire in May 1972.  This was, in my view, the beginning of the long process which eventually brought us to the peace process, which has delivered a new dispensation for not only the people of Northern Ireland but the people of the island of Ireland.

Sean, along with his comrades in the Workers’ Party, met frequently with those of the loyalist Community, who helped to broker the Loyalist Ceasefire in October 1994.  This dialogue between the Workers’ Party and Ulster Loyalists was part of the tapestry of peace-making in
Northern Ireland.  I have learned this from the Loyalists with whom I have been in communication since 1993.  They have regarded this dialogue between them and Sean and his comrades as significant.


It would be an immoral act for Sean Garland to be extradited to the United States when you consider his contribution to peace and a better understanding – that has to count for something.  I have always regarded myself as an admirer of the United States of America and it is to that generous spirit of America and its sense of justice that I appeal on behalf of Sean Garland.


I would hope that those who have the power, to continue with the process of seeking this extradition, would discontinue this process as they will only punish a man of honour, peace and justice – a man whose life has been about service to others.  As stated earlier, it is not necessary to share Sean’s political believe to recognise the man he is.  I also appeal to those who serve in Government and public office in Ireland to use their authority and compassion to help remove this grievous threat to Sean Garland.

Reverend Christopher Hudson MBE


Sean Garland Support Committee


June 2009

Defend Sean Garland!