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Below you will find links various resources. These include links to external documents and relevant material as well as links to other relevant websites.

Useful Documents

Sean Garland's Extradition Hearing is being held in the High Court at present. This is an article about North Korea and the Supernote Enigma by Gregory Elich. And the allegations that North Koreans are counterfeiting U.S Currency and the alleged involvement of Sean Garland. Please click to view.

Here is another interesting article about the North Korean Criminality Examined: The US Case. Part 1. By John Mc Glynn. Click to view.

The so-called superdollar claim dissected in detail. An article by John McGlynn in the online magazine Asia-Pacific Journal which meticulously goes through the various allegations made and exposes the contradictions and bogus claims

Prof. Bruce Cumings is the Gustavus F. and Ann M. Swift Distinguished Service Professor in History at th University of Chicago and specializes in modern Korean history and contemporary international relations in East Asia.  The following link is to an article of his in London Review of Books which exposes much in the United States' official attitude and actions towards North Korea.

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Campaign Photos

Sean Garland with the Alabama 3 before the Benefit Gig


Rev Chris Hudson Chairman Sean Garland Campaign Responding to the Tremendous Applause and Cheers from the crowds  for the Anti Extradition Campaign.

Larry Love performing for the Anti Extradition Campaign

Sean Garland received very strong support against his Extradition speaking at the Alabama 3 Concert

Sean Garland ,Jake the Flake, and Larry Love
Sean Garland speaking at the concert of the Alabama 3 in Dublin

Sean Garland speaking at the Alabama 3 Concert

The Workers' Party of Ireland

Defend Sean Garland!