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Sean Garland

Sean Garland's next court appearance will take place on the 12th January 2011.
Sean Garland's next court appearance will take place on the
10th November 2010.



 The Sean Garland Anti-extradition Campaign

Sean was in Court again today . Sean's team lodged a 'petition for discovery' and a petition for futher particulars'. This application was refused the 15th July 2010. Sean's team are now making an application to the Supreme Court.

Sean's next court appearance is  Wednesday the 6th October 2010.



Sean was due  in Court  Tuesday 29th June but it was brought forward to last Friday the 18th June 2010.

The decision re the discovery document will take place on Thursday the 15th  July 2010.

Sean was in the High Court again  to-day. As well as the normal remand hearing Sean’s team had lodged a “petition for discovery” and a “petition  for further particulars”. The hearing on the petitions is estimated to take half a day


The Judge set Tuesday June 29th @ 2 pm as the date for the hearing on both petitions and remanded Sean on continuing bail until the same date.




Sean’s next court appearance is on Wednesday June 2nd  2010. 

As part of the process Sean's legal team sought "discovery"

of certain documents. The State refused this request.

On the 12th May 2010 this was raised in the court and Wedneday 19th May 2010

 was set as the day  when " A motion for discovery"

would be presented to the court and the judge would then adjudicate the issue.

At this hearing both legal teams agreed that they needed

more time to prepare for this motion and the judge adjourned the case for another fortnight.


Severe bail conditions have been applied in his case:


o       Cash lodged: 100,000 Euro (4 sums x 25k lodged)

o       Surety: 300,000 Euro (4 guarantees x 75K)

o       Surrender of deeds to the family home

o       Surrender of passport

o       Signing on at specific Garda Station (Navan)

four days a week

o       For overnight travel within the Irish State, 48 hours notice to apply for permission to sign in a different Garda Station

o       For longer stop-over, eight days notice required

o       Mobile Phone to be on at all times


The campaign is gathering strength across the country as more and more people, County Councils and Town Councils, T.D.s and Trades Councils are supporting the petition to request the Obama Administration to withdraw the Extradition Order against Sean Garland.


Thank you to all the local teams out there who are raising the issue and generating such strong support for the campaign in their communities and  Trade Unions. 


If you would like to join your local team or set up a team in your area for this important work

 – please phone 01 8733 916   Keep logging on for further updates on our progress.